Quality pre-owned cars in Germany

We provide fellow Americans with quality U.S. Spec and EU Spec vehicles at affordable prices. As we stand behind our product you will experience exceptional and personal service. We are located in Kindsbach (about 10 minutes from Ramstein AFB). We deliver to Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Spangdahlem.

With over 25 years of experience in the United States Automobile Market, we know the business and are able to successfully manage all aspects of it. Automobiles, Financing, Customer Experiences and total Customers Satisfaction are our main focus and expertise. We strive to deliver Excellence, one customer at a time.

What Makes Us Special

As a new company in the Kaiserslautern area, our business model is built around identifying vehicles of exceptional quality and using our 25 years of dealership experience in the United States to help our customers.

Pre-Sale Inspection

All our vehicles are checked by a Master Technician prior to sale to ensure they meet our quality standards – an inspection that is accepted by the Military Registration Offices, therefore avoiding the need for temporary license plates.

Track Record

If you’re looking to sell your car, then look no We’re proud of our track record when it comes to spotting quality in the used American cars market. Our reputation has spread via word of mouth, as so many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with our services.

Personal Service

If you want to take advantage of our superior range and personalized service, then get in touch with us today.


We recondition our vehicles and make sure they meet high quality standards. We offer a good mix of vehicles that suit every budget. From sedans to sports cars, from minivans to SUVs, we try to offer a good variety at all times.


We have the best financing options available for you. As we understand the American Credit Scoring System, we are able to source your information accordingly. Not only do we work with all of the prime landing institutions, we are also proud to announce our own finance option, Ramstein CarMax Finance.

Sell Your Car

If you’re looking to sell your car, then look no further. We will provide you with the best offer in the least amount of time. The process to “Sell us your Car” is the very best and fastest way in the entire region, hands down.

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