Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my offer if I bring my car to Ramstein Carmax??

We can make you a firm offer on the spot. The other guys give an enticing bid, at the car’s maximum trade in value, then make deductions as they inspect the car. This can take a long time, and ends up being less than our on-the-spot amount. What we do is make you an instant bid, not subject to additional deductions. No need to wait around. Our first offer is our final one, so that we can save you as much time and money as possible.

What is the Last Look Opportunity??

We want to buy your car. The Last Look Opportunity means that if you send us a picture of a local dealership’s offer letter, and give us the opportunity to beat that offer, we will either bid higher or pay you $100.GUARANTEED. However, if we bid your car at $10,000 and you say, “I just sold it to another dealer for more, now where is my $100?” then you just cost yourself $100. We pay you the $100 for the opportunity to beat our local competitor’s offer. If we beat it, you get more money for your car. If we don’t beat it, you get $100. As long as you let us bid before you sell, you come out ahead.

How long to get my offer after I submit my car to your website??

If you included the correct 17 digits VIN, multiple pictures, and a description, and do so during normal business hours, expect an offer the same day. We will call you to verify your information about your vehicle and ask you any additional questions we need answered to value your vehicle correctly. Interested in selling your car? Submit your form here.

Can you make me an offer through WhatsApp??

YES. You will likely get a faster response via WhatsApp instead of our online submission form. Using WhatsApp works exactly the same. Please include your VIN, photos of the vehicle and a description. We will get back to you quickly with a firm offer without you ever having to come in. (Or if you’ve texted us after business hours, we will get back to you the following business day.) Our WhatsApp number is +49 157 7143 0815.

How do you buy a car sight unseen? Don’t you need to see it??

We don’t. Well, kinda sorta. We do need pictures of your vehicle with your submission, or WhatsApp message, so we can accurately and fairly assess the value of your vehicle. Your pictures help us give you top dollar for your vehicle.

Is your offer negotiable??

YES. Our offers are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Our buying team does our best to accurately assess the value with our first offer, but we may be open to continuing the discussion. We want to be the highest bidder on your car.

Will you buy my car with hail damage, dents, in need of bodywork??

YES. We will buy cars which need reconditioning. That said, you must disclose the needed reconditioning in both your pictures and your description. It can be very disappointing when our transporter arrives at your location to make the exchange, only to discover that the vehicle does not match the information that was used to make our offer to you. Please be honest and up-front with the reconditioning level.

Who inspects my car before you pick it up? Do I have to drive it to a location to have it inspected??

Our transporter will inspect your vehicle and match it to the description you have provided. You may also bring the vehicle to our brick and mortar location for quick inspection and payment. We are located at Kaiserstraße 9, 66862 Kindsbach, Germany. If stopping by in person does not fit your needs, you can opt for curbside service, within 250 kilometers of us, and we will come pick up your vehicle from your home, office, on base, or wherever it is.

How and when will I receive payment??

You will receive a wire transfer. For vehicles under $2500, we can pay in cash. We pay IMMEDIATELY upon finalization, however banks may take a few days to process our payment which is why we quote up to 7 days.

Can I sell you a leased car??

YES, we can do 3rd party lease buyouts as long as the bank supplies us the correct documents. Call your leaseholder (your bank, the credit union, or the car’s finance company), and get the current payoff amount to include when submitting your information to us. Leasing companies sometimes have additional fees for early termination which would affect the “take-home” amount you would receive after the sale.

What if I owe more than your offer, but still want to sell??

YES, we call this being upside down. The difference between our purchase offer and the amount owed is called negative equity. This difference will have to be paid to your lender at the time of possession/pickup. After that, we make the payoff to your lending institution in the amount of the purchase price. Put another way, you pay the negative equity and we will pay the remaining balance, making you free and clear.

I have no United States Title — can I still sell you my vehicle??

YES. Just contact us via WhatsApp at +49 157 7143 0815 or call our office phone at +49 (0) 6371 49 19 196 and we will walk you through the process.

Someone else’s name is on the title, but I own the car. Can I still sell it to you??

YES. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation and pay you.

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