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Our Website Inventory Will Go Live as soon as COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted!

Call Us On +49 (0) 6371 4919196

We specialize in U.S. Spec vehicles that suit the roads in Germany. The quality of our inventory is our main focus. We pay attention to the small details that oftentimes make a big difference.

Our proven inventory sources are the very best so we pass the savings on to you. You save even more because our facility is just outside the high real estate locations. Since you don't have to pay for a fancy showroom you will feel that you have made the right choices with us.

Our company is proud to announce that we will turn into a German Corporation on Nov 1, 2020. Currently our inventory is displayed in our local listings.

The inventory on this website will go live on Nov 15, 2020.

Call Us On +49 (0) 6371 4919196.

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